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This Beautiful Lady was Killed by Her Husband

Marriage is sweet but you have to be committed and get close to God in prayer. Your beauty and any other trivialities stops to matter once you get married. That was how many of our mothers and grand mothers were able to succeed in it. They were very prayerful and were the ones taking their husband to church.

But what do we have today? Competition in marriage, as if they got into marriage to fight for who is right and who is wrong. The man you are living with needs God. The woman you marry needs God too.

It is sad that this beautiful lady is dead, killed by her own husband... He then jumped to his death. It is apparently a case of murder-suicide, according to police. The man identified as Reuben allegedly killed his wife, Puleng during an argument.

According to Daily Sun, the man later threw himself off a crane and plunged 400 metres to his death.

Narrating the incident, the wife's mother, 60yrs old Susan Mahlatse, said Reuben 42, and Puleng 35, lived in the same house and both worked on shift [in the same company]. Susan said on Friday Puleng arrived at work for the night shift and Reuben was about to go home.He asked to speak to her, and when they were alone in the office an argument broke out. Reuben allegedly stood over her and shot her twice in the head.

When cops arrived, he ran towards a crane. He climbed to the top and jumped, falling to his death. Susan said Reuben and her daughter always fight over minor issues; like car, feeding and others. She said Puleng’s two-year-old daughter keeps saying she is waiting for her mum. “I lie and tell her Puleng isn’t home yet,” Susan said. - The absence of the God factor in a marriage is a mistake that usually don't end well. Sigh!
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Married Woman Stabs Her Husband Out Of Jealousy

Our society is slow to understanding the fact that violence has nothing to do with being a man. A woman can be violent, even more deadly than a man. We need to focus on helping people learn how to live with each other in mutual respect, that is the only practical solution to such barbaric acts.

This woman, who is the SECOND WIFE stabbed her husband because he want to marry a third wife. Imagine; the first wife kept her cool when he married you but now you are doing pepper body.

The woman named Amina Banaga Maru from Gusau in Zamfara State capital attempted to kill her husband after stabbing him with knife in the stomach three times. According to Rariya media, the second wife nearly murdered her man because she became jealous when she heard that he wanted to marry another wife. The man went to see a government official for a meeting and because he came back late, Amina just believe he went to see the new lady he want to marry.

She pounced on the man and stabbed him three times, almost taking his life in the process. The man is said to be battling for his life in hospital. Amina has been arrested and she is in custody.

A source said the man has already married the new wife and Amina is just crazy because she is no longer the newest wife hence her misguided act.
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Happy Ramadan To All Sodeeqstar Readers – Fasting Starts On Monday 6 June 2016

Alhamdulilah. the month of Allah’s rahmah, blessings and forgiveness is here. May Allah give us the oppoetunity to serve him wholeheartedly and devotedly.

May He accept all our efforts in this month and beyond.RAMADHAN KAREEM.

Wishing all Sodeeqstar blog readers Happy Ramadan Kareem. Please keep all muslims in your Dua (prayer), Nigeria & the world as a whole and please, don’t forget to eat your Sahur.

We Started it with Bismillahi, Insha Allah, We all will be very much alive to end it with Alihamdullilahi
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Brain: Use Your Math Skills To Figure Out The Answers! Only Few Will Get It Right

Only Few people will get this Answer right.

Checkout the Question below and drop your Answer.

You 9 years old and your dad is 49

(¡)How old will your dad be when you are 25

Drop your Answers!!!
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Police Officers Beat Up Husband & Wife To Coma In Lagos

This is barbaric. Read the statement sent out by friends of the battered husband and wife: "The Igbo residents of Magbo, Obada Zone 5 Community of Fortune Estate in Agbara, Lagos has cried out and sent a save our soul [SOS] message to the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase in a matter of urgency to set up a panel of inquiry into the recent Brutalization of a Member of their community, Mr. Chukwuka Paul by the Men of the Nigeria Police force Area K.

They pounced on Mr. Paul and his wife, beating them to Coma and went further to take him into custody for about 72 hour without concrete Evidence against the gentleman and his family.

It was gathered that on Thursday 19th May 2016, about 8 heavily armed men storm the residence of Paul Chukwuka where he also has his house finishing material store, ordered him to enter their vehicle. While he was trying to know why such arrest is for him, they pounce on him as if they had an Order to brutalized him, he was handcuffed beaten and while his wife Ebele Paul and their little child were shouting for help from the Neighbors, his wife too was beaten and stripped in the presence of sympathizers.

He was taking to Area K command where he was detained for over 72 hours, beaten severally with different wound scattered all over his body, he was later released on bail.

In our attempt to Investigate the cause of such Magnitude of brutality in this modern democratic world, some media Houses visited Obada zone 5 to hear from some eyewitnesses.

The first call point was with the chairman of the Igbo community in Obada and it Patron. Mr. Samuel Egwu and Alex Nwagwu respectively.

Speaking with the media, the president Obada zone 5 Igbo Community, Samuel Egwu lamented the unprofessional conduct of the men of the police force from Area K command on how they carried out the arrest of Mr Paul a member of his community.

Hear him, 'Yes I gathered that there was a transaction between Paul and this woman in question, Paul sold a bed to that woman and after 3 years the woman refuses to pay back and you know that in business no company gives three year guaranty, so I learnt that Mr. Paul asked for his money and the woman went straight to Area K to lay allegation that Mr. Paul beat her, the police just went to his place pounce on the gentle man, beat him together with his wife and child.

'Please I ask, is it proper without asking about the genesis of the disagreement between the two of them? Look, before now we believe police is our friend but now it is clear that they are our enemies, you just act on one side of a story and start to brutalize an innocent soul, we want to use this opportunity to call on the inspector general of police Solomon Arase to please in a matter of urgency set up a panel to know what really happened before his men kill all of us in this community.

'I am really disappointed in Nigeria police. I will also want to call on our amiable governor to come to the aid of our community in terms of road and drainage because when its rain our children are always indoors because the flood is always too much,' he concluded. Also speaking in the same vein, the patron of Igbo community Obada fortune estate Alex nwagwu lambasted the Nigeria police for their action in the area, he said for men of the police force to handle a very sensitive case like that, then some of their men lack professionalism. 'If you have some of those men as your friends then you don’t have friends because they do not have regards for humans.

Look, people are always afraid to see the police, I have travel wide and far, I do ask some of them if they actually go for training before they were employed. I think the police IG need to know the kind of people the force should engage, I think the IG need to call them to other, because they are tarnishing the image of Nigeria to our foreign visitors'.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Foundation Of A True Marriage

When you hear a young lady say things like 'I will only marry a rich man', just know she lacks the right and proper knowledge to be in marriage. First is, most of the men who have made huge money before marriage will not respect your opinions about their way of life. Second thing is, a struggling man with real vision is better, much better and far better than that rich man today without vision.

It is this craze to marry a man who has "money" that is leading to the many marital crises and divorces you see everywhere. Ladies, your real focus in marriage should be DESTINY not money.

Over 85% of rich men in their 50s and above got married as 'nobody'. As a lady, your focus should not be to get married for the purpose of enjoying money, rather you should pair up with a man who can build a life with you so that, in the long run, you and your husband and your kids will live your dreams.

Drop the "instant gratification" mentality, it has led many astray and still destroying many. Be guided!
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Photo: 82-year-old man hangs self in Ondo

An 82-year-old man, Oriola Adegoke, has reportedly hung himself to death in Ondo State. Adegoke was found hanging in a room in his apartment at 45, Ayeyemi Street during the weekend.

According to reports , the daughter of the deceased, Taye Adegoke, raised the alarm after she saw her father dangling from a rope on the roof. Describing the octogenarian’s death as a mystery, residents said he was an easy-going gentleman.

It is alleged that the deceased might have terminated his own life as a result of a protracted illness of his daughter on which he had spent a large amount of money, however, immediately after the body was found, the residents sent for some traditional worshipers to perform traditional rites to remove the corpse for burial in line with the culture of the town.
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Reason Why Tomatoes Are Very Expensive: 80% of Kaduna Tomatoes Ravaged By Disease

The Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir el-Rufai on Monday revealed that 80 percent of the tomato produced in the state had been ravaged by pests and diseases, leading to serious scarcity. Specifically, the governor declared a state of emergency in tomato production in the state, saying all hands must be on deck to combat various pests and diseases ravaging tomato. A species of moth attacks the leaves of tomato to cause a disease condition called ‘Tuta Absoluta’. The larva produced by the moth feed voraciously upon tomato plants, causing a yield loss of 100%. El-Rufai said tomato had been destroyed in three local government of the state with a loss of N1bn monthly. The governor spoke through his Commissioner for Agriculture, Dr. Manzo Maigari. He said some officials of the state ministry of agriculture had been sent to Kenya in order to learn how to combat the menace, adding that over 200 farmers had lost tomato produce to pests and diseases. “I want to say that Governor Nasir el-Rufai has declared a state of emergency in tomato production in the state. This is as a result of the invasion of the crop by a pest botanically known as ‘Tuta Absoluta’. “It is so severe that even Dangote, who has established a tomato processing plant in Kano, had to shut down production [temporarily]," he added.
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Female Fraudster To Be Arraigned By EFCC Over N9m Scam

Do your best to work for your money, so you don't end up disgracing yourself and your family...

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, will on Monday, May 16, 2016, arraign an alleged fraudster, identified as Bisi Lillian Olagunju before an Oyo State High Court.

She will be arraigned before the court sitting in Ibadan on a three-count charge bordering on obtaining money by false pretence to the tune of N9,000,000 (Nine Million Naira).

Bisi who allegedly claimed to be a Special Adviser to a purported Rural and Urban Development Committee Chairman of the National Assembly, obtained the total some in tranches from one Abiodun Julius under the pretense of helping him to facilitate contracts as well as employment opportunity for his younger brother.She is cooling off in EFCC cell, waiting for her trial.
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60-year-old man marries 14-year- old girl in Somalia (photo)

According to a Mogadishu Freelance Journalist Hassan Istiila, the 60-year-old man got married to a 14-year-old in Somalia. "It's no surprise, but the people get angry when they saw a 60-year-old man married 14 yrs-old in Somalia" he tweeted yesterday, May 9. The act of paedophilia...
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Pastor Felix Libarty to Tiwa Savage, Go Back To Your Husband, It's The Right Thing

Felix Libarty, a singer turned Pastor has advised Tiwa Savage to make peace and go back to her husband as the Bible commands, stating that he knows her husband, TeeBillz is being attacked spiritually.

In a chat with Vanguard, the pastor said: “It’s one thing to be famous and it’s another to know how to manage fame.I want her (Tiwa Savage) to go back to her husband immediately because there is no divorce spiritually except when the man is no more.

I want her to know that if God wants to announce any woman that is matured, He will always match her with a man. In this case, that is what God has done for her.

“I want Tiwa Savage to begin to understand that whatever is happening to her now is an attack from the pit of hell. Her husband is in deep trouble.

I am sure that his pastor has not been able to tell him that he’s under attack. The devil may not attack you directly, it will attack your partner. Spiritually, as I am seeing it, her husband (TeeBillz) is under attack.Every behaviour her husband is exhibiting now is manipulated.

The Bible says, you have to be there for your husband, and your husband will be there for you.

Whatever that is going on now, remains the fact that your husband is being manipulated by spiritual forces that doesn’t want you to grow. And by the time you walk out of your marriage, you are giving the devil the opportunity to destroy your life completely,” he counselled.
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Brain Training How To Learn and Remember Everything


Are you struggling to remember things these days, especially names and dates? Have you tried the standard fare of aids such as notepads, but you end up forgetting where you put them? Is there a way to get sharpness back to your memory without pills and a lot of steps to the process? Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers a pain-free and quick solution for memory loss issues.

Download this book TODAY and: Find Out About Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Learn What Affects Memory. Discover How NLP Can Help Improve Your Memory Fast! Learn How Memory Is Affected By Stress. Find Out How Anxiety Can Cause Memory Problems. Learn How To Exercise Your Memory Daily. Our memory is something we rely on heavily for a multitude if tasks. Even a slight problem can cause a world of issues for you. Download this book NOW and: Learn How To Change Your Beliefs And Values With Regard To Memorization Skills. Learn How Hypnotherapy Can Help Memory. Learn How To Use Visualization. Try Some Everyday Practices For Memory Improvement. Find Out How Serious Memory Loss Can Be.

Get Some Much Needed Help In Improving Your Memory Right Away!
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I Caught My Wife with A Man she Calls Her Brother Having S*x

The nonsense happening today is enough for men to pray well for God to give them their own wife who will be a "wife in deed" and not a lady who will be flirting with men and sleeping with same men anytime her husband doesn't give her the kind of money she wants. Save yourself from stress.

A good wife will give your peace of mind, create a budget for the family and help you plan the future.

40years old Mr Sunday Oladipupo has asked an Orile Agege Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve his marriage with his estranged wife, Bukola, over alleged adulterous behaviour by his wife.

Speaking on Thursday, Mr Oladipupo said, "I caught my wife red-handed with a man she introduced to me as her brother, they were both n*ked and in the act...

"I want a divorce.She pushed me to beating her as I always feel angry anytime I see her with another man.

Before I kill her and myself, it is better we part ways."

The complainant lives at AIT Road in Alakuko, a suburb of Lago. Mr Oladipupo said his wife did not respect him and left home at will and returned whenever she liked. He said she left his home since September 2015 with his children, aged four and nine years.

"She was pregnant when she left my house but the most painful part was that her man friend called me on phone and told me to ask my wife about the paternity of our two children," he said.

The man said he's tired of the union and he doesn't want to kill anybody, hence the need for divorce.

As usual, the wife, Bukola, denied the husband's allegation but she supported the divorce.

"I am not adulterous and I was not pregnant when I left his house in 2015. I left because he beat me anyhow, I did not have peace of mind with him, I am tired of the marriage, I support the dissolution," she said.

The Court President, Dr Kayode Whenu, warned the couple to maintain the peace and adjourned the matter to May 10, 2016, for possible judgement.
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Jobless Man Who Wanted To Kill Himself Has Been Rescued

Many good Nigerians have been able to convince the suicidal man to come down from the electric pole he had climbed with the intent of taking his own life. I hope he gets help to live a decent life!
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See How Female Police Expose Her Bre*ts in Uniform

This female police officer who became an overnight online sensation after posing for a top-less selfie in her patrol car has reportedly quit the force to stop a probe into her "reckless" activities. Officer Nidia Garcia was suspended pending an investigation into the pictures showing her in her uniform flashing her bre*sts as she cuddles up to a rifle, Mexican police in Escobedo confirmed. To escape official sanction, Nidia has sent in her resignation letter. Things like this happens when a bored runs girl is admitted into the police, her past came calling.
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Wife Cries Out: My Husband Satisfy Me With Enough S*x

A woman has dragged her husband to court for starving her of s*x as she says the husband's refusal to satisfy her s*xual cravings is driving her nuts. The middle aged woman and a mother of two, Mrs. Ramota Azeez, dragged her husband, Taiwo Azeez before a Customary Court sitting in Ikire, Osun State, for leaving her body yearning for s*x. She accused her hubby of abandoning her s*xual needs, making her crave for itwithout satisfaction.

Ramota also told the court that all the romantic displays she used to enjoy with her husband had been shifted to his younger wife as she alleged that all her children school fees were no longer being paid.

She said: “My husband only takes care of his other wife and her children.

He abandons me and my kids in his family house to suffer.I’m tired of living alone.

I want my husband back; if he won’t let us all stay together, then please dissolve our marriage.” The husband, who is not capable of marrying two wives from his present income, said: “I’m also staying in a room with the other wife.

I just want her to manage in the family house for now.” The President of the court, Chief Afolabi Olufemi, appealed to the parties to settle their differences amicably.

He adjourned the matter till May 4, 2016, for further hearing.
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President Buhari's Pretty Daughter Zahra Wows In New Native Attire

She rock the attire today. Photo Credit: @Jideofstola.
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Fuel scarcity: White man, policeman and bike rider on one bike

See What fuel as turn people to God helps The uniform man is most likely the white man's escort.
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Photo: 13 year old Urhobo Girl allegedly kidnapped, forcely converted and married off by Hausa Muslim Lover in Bayelsa

A Hausa Muslim man identified as Yunusa from Kano state, has been accused of kidnapping and forcefully converting and marrying off 13 year old Urhobo girl, Ese Rita Orur pictured above. According to The Sun, Yinusa who resides in Opolo, Yenagoa, had abducted Ese on August 12th 2015 and eloped with her to Kano and has refused to allow her return home. Rita's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oruru, had made several visits to Kano to secure the release of their daughter but have been unsuccessful as Yinusa’s kinsmen insisted that Ese, who they now refer to as ‘Aisha’, belongs to them and that they are ready to pay the necessary bride price. The Orurus reported the matter to the Police and the Department of State Security (DSS) and their promise to bring home Ese has remained unfulfilled forcing the parents to take the issue to youth and civil society groups. At a press conference addressed by Kizito Andah of the Child Protection Network today February 18th, the civil society and youth groups in Bayelsa say they are ready to stage a protest and press home the demand for the release of Ese from the custody of her abductors. That also lamented the inability of both the Nigeria Police and the DSS to secure the release of Ese. They warned against an ethno-religious crisis which the abduction and forceful conversion into Islam could trigger in Bayelsa state. Andah who addresed the press, said CPN was demanding that Nigerians prevail on all relevant authorities to ensure that Ese is released and her abductors are punished in line with the laws of the land.
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Photo 25-year old man kills father over fight with mummy

Yesterday, Mfreke Archibong Effiong, was paraded by the Akwa Ibom State Police Command for allegedly killing his father, Mr. Archibong Effiong in Ibesikpo-Asutan LGA of the state. While parading the 25 years old, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Delia Nwawe, said the suspect hit his father with a big stick on the head. In response, the suspect attributed the incident to provocation as he never set out to kill his father. Mfreke said he came back from farm on Monday to meet his father beating the mother,Vanguard reports. He said the mother was trying to explain what happened, but his father attacked him with a broken bottle. He said he was trying to defend himself when he hit his father with the stick on his right arm.
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