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Ebook: Guide How to Create and Monetize free blog & how to make money with it

I am delighted to inform you of my first eBook on Sodeeqstarblog Blogger Guide.
It is a step by step guide (including pictures) which will teach you how to create and monetize a free blog.
==> Where to get a free blog (
==> How to set up your blog
==> How to generate the address for your free blog
==> How to choose template for your blog
==> How to write, preview, save and publish a blog post
==> How to add labels (categories) to your blog posts
==> How to schedule blog posts
==> How to insert links inside blog posts
==> How to change font size, colour, style of blog posts
==> How to add image to your blog posts==> How to configure basic settings for your blog
==> How to configure "posts and comments" settings of your blog
==> Understanding Blogger layout
==> List of Blogger gadgets you can add to yourblog
==> How to add HTML codes to your blog using HTML/Javascript gadget
==> How to add "Recent comments", "Recent Posts" to your blog
==> How to customize Blogger template with Template Designer
==> How to adjust width, change background and change layout of your template
==> How to make HTML changes to your blog
==> How to find a specific code in your blog HTML
==> How to back up and restore your blog template
==> How to activate Blogger mobile template
==> How to create navigation tabs e.g "About Us", "Contact Us" tabs etc
==> How to link navigation tabs to labels(categories)
==> How to register for Google Adsense==>
How to log out of Blogger dashboard==> Ways you can monetize a blog
==> How to get traffic for your blog
==> Resources and recommendations for bloggers
Price is N,3000 ($15)
Western union is allow and bank deposit
For payment details inbox me in imy email

After  payment you text us phone number, email ,deposite name you will receive e-book in your email inbox  to download it 
You can ask questions with comments box below

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Solution: How to fix cache not enough please insert external SD card

Are you keep getting this error message that reads: “Cache not enough, please insert external SD card to download especially does people using infinix note 3 ”. You don't need to Worry no more cause i got a solution for you.

Kindly follow me the step

 How to fix cache not enough please insert external SD card

 to download On Infinix Note 3

1.First, you need a microSD card.

Any size is ok, be it 4GB, 8GB, 16GB or 32GB.

2.Next, when you insert the memory card into the Infinix Note 3, you will be asked to choose between internal memory or portable storage.

 Select portable storage for the SD Card.

3.Now, go back to the software update again and it should download without popping up that error message again.

The above steps can work on any smartphone with that same error message.

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