get sodeeqstarblog template

Hi Friends,If you love the current design of my blog, I can set up same design for your blog if you are ready to pay for it.

I personally customize my template to my taste using html, css and javascript.

So, if you don't want to go through the stress of redesigning a default blogger template, then let me get it done for you.

The time is now....You can get the design as it is on Sodeeqstarblog


==> Features a home page with "auto" read more,and post thumbnail

==> Features numbered posts navigation

==> Can easily be changed to feature left and right sidebars with post area in the center

==> Can easily change width of sidebars, post area etc via Blogger Template designer

==> Can easily change template color via Blogger template designer

==> Works perfectly with Template designer custom css functionality

==> Custom mobile view looks awesome

==> Can easily display ad banners, related postsetc on mobile view

==> Can displays ads almost anywhere in the template; above logo, below logo, inside posts etc How Much ?It will cost you just N5,000 ( $35 ).

You can pay for it online, via western union or by direct bank deposit.

For payment details?


Once I set it up on your blog, and you notice there are some features on my blog that are not on yours, I will fix that for you for Free

If you've got questions, relay them via comments.